The Beautiful Banquet

Saturday December 3, 2022
7:00 pm

The beautiful banquet was created to recognize and honor beautiful people who are doing beautiful things in and for their community.   Nominations for beautiful people will open soon.  We will recognize 2 males and 2 females who are absolutely beautiful.  These individuals do not have to hold a major position or be a community leader.  The purpose of the beautiful banquet is to simply say, “we see you, we appreciate you and we think that you are absolutely beautiful both inside and out for the beautiful way you unselfishly serve and give back to others and your community.”

The Beautiful Banquet supports and benefits the Brew House Scholarship Community Program.  Yes, we are all blessed to be a beautiful blessing. Brew House Scholarship Community Program recognizes and awards 1 well deserving young man and 1 well deserving young lady who has worked hard not only academically but in community service as well.  These two Absolutely Beautiful you will receive a $3,000.00 scholarship from Brew House Scholarship Community Program.

By attending The Beautiful Banquet, you are letting your True Beauty Shine Through by giving back and supporting others in an Absolutely Beautiful Way!

Full details including Tickets and Information coming soon.

Celebrity Musical Guest To Be Announced