JoAnna Sew Glam Fabulous

Who Is JoAnna Sew Glam Fabolous?

Hello Fabulous,  I’m JoAnna Cole-Brewer and my story is filled with ups and downs just like anyone else’s.  I’ve survived two types of cancer, cervical and skin.  I have experienced both setbacks and successes.

One thing I know for sure is that if you’re afraid to get an “F” you’ll never know if you can score an “A”.  Basically nothing will beat a Failure but a Try.  You have to go for your Dreams, Goals and Desires NO MATTER WHAT.  No matter what anyone has to say or what they think.

You must Never allow Hindrances stop you from being your Beautiful Authentic Self.  (I have a story about that too, but thats for another time and place :))  It took me some life lessons before I Truly realized Who I Was, What I was Made Of and before I TRULY Came into Myself!

I believe that the most Gorgeous Garment you will ever wear is your Smile and Beautiful Skin no matter your shape or size.  No matter your race or gender.  That is what inspired me to design and create my very own skincare line “Fabulous Face” along with my cosmetic and fashion line.

I have always enjoyed uplifting and encouraging others, even when it hasn’t always been given to me. This has been a joy and a mystery to me since I can remember, so I guess one should call it a gift and for that I am entirely grateful.

God has been truly good to me.  I never truly say I failed at anything I did but instead I say “Thank you Jesus that I FINALLY GRADUATED THAT CLASS and Thank you for being with me through the journey!”   This is because Everything that happens to us in life, whether self inflicted or at the hand of someone or something else can be a life lesson.  We are always or at least should be learning, evolving and growing.  You see, we are never too old to learn and grow.  Without the evolutionary process we will remain stagnant, stuck with no movement.  You surely don’t want to regress by moving backwards so forward thinking and forward movement should always be in play… Growth!!!

These beliefs and experiences are what has helped to shape me into who I am today.  I praise God daily without any shame, because remember I said it was called Growth.  Even though some experience were very painful, I still EVOLVED and continue to do so daily.   I’m thankful for all of the ingredients that went into this dish called JoAnna “Sew Glam Fabulous” Brewer  to make me who I am and who I am still becoming.  I believe life is a Precious Gift and that it is meant to be Appreciated, Celebrated and Lived to the Fullest!

Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy along with my JoAnna Sew Glam Fabulous products, brand and ministry, yes Ministry! Are a life long dream and development that I am blessed to live every day of my life.  I love being able to pour into others and give them Inspiration ~ Equipment and Empowerment that will unleash a fire within them.  A Fire that will make them run towards thier Dreams with Confidence, a Grateful Heart and Attitude.

Sew Fabulous Studio & Acadmey is SEW MUCH MORE than just a Wearable Arts and Technical School.  It’s a Fabulous Life and Business Injector.  Injecting so much more than just fashion, makeup, business, etiquette, life and technical skills.  Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy Injects FREEDOM!  Freedom to know that You CAN Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthens You.  There is No Limit to what you can Accomplish, No Limit to your Successes and No Limit to Your Dreams.

My motto is “Whatever you do, Do It Oh Sew Fabulously” and I can’t wait to help you unleash Your FABULOCITY!!!

Stay Absolutely Beautiful both Inside and Out just as God created you to be, because YOU ABSOLUTELY ARE and Don’t let Anyone tell you Anything Different!

JoAnna “Sew Glam Fabulous” Brewer 🙂