GOLDEN CROWN ~ Our Crown of Glory.  We give our Very best In ALL that we do as we strive to be good examples to others while giving unselfish service, guidance & love to others.  1 Peter 5:2-4

WINGS ~ For we Are NOT Afraid to Spread our Wings and Fly.  We strive to achieve every Goal, Dream and Desire to live our very Best Fabulous Life. 

SHIELD ~ We are Bold, Courageous, Confident and Protected by God.  Our Golden Shield is our Full Armor of God.  Ephesians 6:10-17

DRESS FORM ~ Is our Canvas for Designing Phenomenal Works of Art that are Fabulous Expressions of our Unapologetically Beautiful Ability to Create Wearable Masterpieces.

MAKEUP BRUSH ~ Brings our Inner Beauty to the Surface.  Highlighting how We are Truly One Of A Kind.  Reminding us that We Are Uniquely and Wonderfully Made and that we Are Absolutely Beautiful Both Inside and Out!

DIAMOND ~ We will never dim our light for anyone or anything. We will let our Light Shine Bright Like a Flawless Diamond. For once we were hidden, buried and covered in dirt, guilt and shame.  We are now Found, Cleansed, Shaped and Mounted to Shine Brightly before men, that they may see our Good Works and Glorify our Father.  Mathew 5:16

SASH ~ We wear our Royal Sash which is made of the Finest of Linens with Embroidered Work.  Our Royal Sash both Glory and Beauty

LEAVES ~ Forever Moving Forward.  Always Learning, Growing, Evolving and Rising to the Top.  We are Unstoppable.

BLUE ~ Heavens Blue to remind us that the Sky is the Limit

GOLD ~ No Matter What We Face or Go Through. God is Always With Us and We Shall Come Forth as Pure Gold!  Job 23:10

Our ROYAL CREST is Who, What and Whose we are.  We Are Absolutely Fabulous and In All that we do, We Do It Oh Sew Fabulously!