Brew House Scholarship


Brew House Scholarship Community Program

Brew House Scholarship Community Program recognizes, rewards and awards 2 Beautiful Young People in our community.

One well-deserving young man and one well-deserving young lady who has worked hard not only academically but in community service as well. Two beautiful people going above and beyond to be a blessing to others as well as working hard towards their goals and dreams.

These two Absolutely Beautiful youth will receive a $3,000.00 scholarship from the Brew House Scholarship Community Program.

She Believed She Could Sew She Did and Brew House Scholarship Programs are geared to Build ~ Encourage ~ Motivate ~ Equip and Empower our youth because they are our future and we are blessed to be a blessing.   Everyone has something to give even if it’s just your time or a kind smile with an encouraging word.

Our programs have helped over 200 youth members of our community since 2012 with job placement, career and life skills, athletic camps, and continuing a higher education with our scholarships and donations.   Our youth are our future and we want them to know that they can do anything they set their minds to and that their future is Absolutely Beautiful!