Life Skills


Life Skills Community Impact Program

She Believed She Could SEW She Did is my amazing community impact program.

She Believed She Could SEW She Did is a community impact program I designed to Inspire, Equip, Empower and Celebrate both Youth and Adults.  “Impacting and Restoring our Community One Stitch At a Time”

~ Life Skills

~ Self Esteem & Confidence Building

~ Social Skills

~ Public Speaking Skills

~ Etiquette

~ Job Interviewing Skills

Teaching and training in these areas have proven to be key in developing successful members of society.  Individuals who are confident and socially acclimated.  Prepared and ready for social, educational and professional opportunities..

I created She Believed She Could Sew She Did after witnessing the challenges that many of our youth and young adults faced.  We live in such a technical climate where many are lacking vital skills that will carry them confidently and mannerable through life.

She Believed She Could Sew She Did is available for both Youth and Adults, Females and Males.

Our objective is to make a permanent and positive impact in the life of each young lady and young man we serve.  Statistics show and I have witnessed first-hand the phenomenal changes that occur when you redirect young people’s energy.

We provide an encouraging structured outlet for participants to express their creativity and push for their dreams with the essential life skills they so desperately need.

She Believed She Could Sew She Did Community Impact Program provides an encouraging and nurturing learning environment to foster creativity and growth.  Participants have fun as they discover talents and abilities that they didn’t realize they had.

Providing classes in sewing, crafts and design. We also focus on positive youth development including life skills, etiquette and developing a personal sense of style.

At She Believed She Could Sew She Did we strive to help our participating young adults to develop positive self-image and self-esteem.  We also emphasize helping them understand the importance of contributing positively to their communities.

Program Methods

Through creative and engaging fun activities combined with strategies to build a positive self-image, life and business skills.

She Believed She Could SEW She Did partners with businesses and community leaders to provide classes in their various fields of expertise to work with me in providing classes.  We also teach the participants how to market and create a brand for their created products.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • Job Interviewing Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Beauty & Styling
  • Financial Management
  • Hand Made Skills & Crafts
  • Business Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Networking Etiquette
  • Dining Etiquette

If you would love to partner with me through donation or services, please contact me at [email protected] or call 479-739-0021.

For your partnership through donations.  Please click the Donate Button or you may mail your thoughtful contribution to me at our address Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy, 5208 South 31st Street, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901