Founder & Master Instructor

I’ve worked extremely hard building this beautiful dream. I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams no matter their challenges, learning abilities or setbacks. I love helping and inspiring others and building them up.

I’m a Master Instructor, Designer, Educator and Inspirational Speaker who loves Who I Am and What I Do.

I’m here to help you unleash your passion for fashion, designing, creativity and developing your business skills that will lead to you living out your dreams and goals.

In return, I ask for your commitment to success. Be present, punctual, accountable, respectful, honest, courteous, eager to learn and grow. I in exchange will be equally committed to you and your success at Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy.

I have poured my heart into building my Wearable Arts Academy. I’m here to Inspire ~ Uplift ~ Equip ~ Empower and Celebrate You and Your Greatness.

I thank God for the beautiful blessings of giving back and living my dream every day regardless of life’s challenges. I’m a cervical and skin cancer survivor and I know firsthand that Life is worth Living and Celebrating!

Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy along with my JoAnna Sew Glam Fabulous Brand, Products and Opportunities are truly Absolutely Fabulous and SO ARE YOU!

About the Academy

SFSA was established in 2012. I started teaching sewing and fashion design classes in a part of my home that I converted into a small sewing studio. I always had dreams that were bigger than the 16×22 square foot space that I had. I had 3 full stations set up and took students in 2-hour increments. Classes ran from 4 pm to 8 pm.  3 students per class, 2-hour classes per day on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Adult classes were held Tuesdays and Thursdays 11-2 and 2-4 pm.

I never saw the small space with 3 stations.  I always saw a fully functioning Academy with at least 10 fully equipped stations operating in a facility with more than enough space and then some.  I would rent one of the local junior high schools out in the summer for 1 full week with a couple of extra days for set up and break down to host my Annual Youth Summer Camps.  I always knew I would have a full operational certified academy and I never let my lack of stop me.  I believe that you have to see it before you really see it.  I thanked God every day I entered into my designated space as if she was a 30,000 square foot facility.

I’m so grateful and appreciative of the journey and the strides I’ve made only by the grace and mercy of God.  The journey hasn’t always been smooth but it hasn’t been a bumpy ride either because I’ve enjoyed and valued every minute of it.

I continued with my personal instructor classes from fashion institutes, online classes as well as being self-taught. I traveled at least 4 hours or more to classes if I had to.  I wanted and was determined to gain as much knowledge in this beautiful art as a master instructor as I could.

To have a fully operational Wearable Arts Academy along with my Personally Developed Product Line is a dream come true.  Growing into this beautiful facility that is over 7,000 square feet of space is absolutely fabulous to me and yet I STILL SEE THE 30,000 square foot facility. Why and How!?, because this is just the beginning Gorgeous Ones.

GRADUATION EVENT:  Student Showcase and Fashion Show Highlight

This is going to be an absolutely fabulous event!  As a fashion academy student there is no better way to highlight your accomplishments than with a fabulous fashion show for advanced to advanced master students and a fashion showcase for beginners to advanced beginner students.

The Student Showcase and Fashion Show is a grand event, comparable to that of a Project Runway grand finale!  You are a shining star at this professionally produced event, including models, makeup artists, and photographers.  It is a true runway experience designed to introduce you to the world as the latest and greatest fashion designer.  Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy will feature your selected fashions and provide a dedicated space for you to promote your business and brand.

Student Showcase will be held at graduation and will acknowledge Beginner to Beginner-Advanced Students by showcasing one to three selected pieces that students have poured their hearts into and for which they deserve to be fabulously applauded!