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Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy is Just That!  The name says it All and Then Some!

Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy is a Fabulous fully certified Wearable Arts, Visual Arts and Business Academy.   Providing a Professionally Earned Certification in the Fabulous Art Studies of Fashion Design, Make-Up Design, Business, Visual Production and More.

Here at SFSA we start off with actual Hands-On Learning and Training.  After all it’s about exploring your creative outlets and unleashing your creative artistic expression.

One-on-one instruction along with construction, encouragement and celebration from master instructors that are accessible to you right at your fingertips both in-studio and online are only a few of the many fabulous training techniques applied here at SFSA.

Our unique one-of-a-kind curriculum and program owned and developed by our founder, JoAnna Cole-Brewer is what truly sets us apart and makes us Absolutely Fabolous!

We DO NOT use ACT, SAT scores or GPA for academy enrollment.

We believe that You are Absolutely Fabulous and we are Excited and Ready to help you unleash your Fabulosity.  Are You?!  If so, then what are you waiting for?  Let’s Get Started Today!

Fashion Academy


Business Academy


Are You Ready to Study at Sew Fabulous Studio and Academy?

Are you excited? You should be for so many reasons!  You have made the life-changing-decision to make your dreams and goals a reality.  Simply by being here, you have decided that you are ready to take the necessary steps to live your best, fabulous life!  Every morning you should wake up grateful, with thanks and praise, and ready to start your absolutely fabulous day!

Fashion Design Academy

You’ve flipped through the magazines.  You’ve watched the beautiful models catwalk down the runways leaving them on FIRE from their Fierce Fabulosity!

Your mouth has watered as you have witnessed the jaw-dropping fashions command and demand everyone’s attention.   You’ve said to yourself “I wish If only I had the chance or One Day That’s Going To Be My Designs and Creations Ripping Up the Runway.”  Well wish, and desire no more because your Opportunity had just arrived.

Fashion Design Academy is a fully certified design school enrollment created JUST FOR YOU!  Drafting, Fashion Construction, Couture Fashions, Tailoring & Altering, Pattern Making, Draping, Costume Designs, Production and more are what’s waiting for you when you enroll.

Online studies and classes are also available.  All you have to do is click the I’m Ready To Start Today button and let the Fabulosity Begin!

Something for Everyone!

Not only are we a Fully Certified Academy, but we also offer Regular Weeklys Sewing Classes for both Youth and Adults. Workshops and Pop Up Classes for anyone to signup and attend without becoming an Academy Student! Now That’s Sew Fabulous!

Makeup Design Academy

Makeup Academy has in-studio and online enrollment from Beginners to Masters Advanced.  From Daily Wear, High Fashion Glam, Editorial to Movie Set and Latex.  Earn a Certification as a Professional Makeup Design Artist.

Makeup is an expression of Artistic Creation.  A Professional Certification as a Highly Ranked Sought After Makeup Artist Can and Will open up a World of Endless Possibilities and Opportunities.

Getting Paid to Play, Doll People Up, Create Magical Transformations, Travel and Being in Demand are only a few benefits that this amazing career offers when you earn this fabulous certification.

So what are you waiting for?  Click the I’m Ready To Start Today button and start living your colorful passion!

Business Academy

Business  Academy is geared to shape you into the fabulous successful person you were created to be.  Whether you are interested in starting and successfully running and operating your own in-demand profitable business.  Or you’re wanting to be an essential asset to an already existing company by bringing incredible priceless value to the table as you secure your very own seat in the board room.

Business development, building your portfolio, polishing your skills, trademarking, copyright, connecting with manufacturers for product production, logo, website, branding, marketing, license, permits, business materials and more!

This service can be purchased as an
add on to your regular academy enrollment, if you are not an Advanced to Advanced Masters Enrollment.

Calendar of Events


Business Builders Workshop

My “Business Builders Workshop” has proven to be successful.  This isn’t an ordinary business workshop!

You’ve asked several questions….

  • How do I get started
  • How do I get Wholesale Products
  • Business Credit and Startup Capital
  • My Business is Stuck and I want to GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL

Honestly the list of endless questions of “How Do I” can go on and on.  My Business Builders Workshop will not only answer your questions, but will also give you the essential tools that you need to succeed.  My passion and commitment is and will always be to Inspire ~ Equip and Empower all that have a desire to go higher.

Saturday March 19, 2022 beginning at 9:00 am

My Successful Business Builders Workshop includes

Lunch, Success-Book, All Essential Tools and Materials plus Much More.

Register Today


Regular Registration 2.15.22 – 3.12.22

Spaces are filling up FAST!!  We will be in a Sanitized 4,000 sq. ft. space where Covid safety guidelines will be in place for everyones safety.

: https://sewfabulousstudio.com/product/business-builders-workshop/


Fabulous Ladies Luncheon

Celebrating, encouraging, supporting, uplifting and honoring ladies who are absolutely fabulous!
Learn more



The Beautiful Banquet

The beautiful banquet was created to recognize and honor beautiful people who are doing beautiful things in and for their community.
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About JoAnna

Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy is a direct result of my lifelong love for fashion, skincare, cosmetics and people.  I enjoy designing and creating unique beautiful works of wearable art.  I developed my passion for fashion as a little girl and I have enjoyed increasing my knowledge and developing my skills through the years.  I love my students and sharing all that I have learned with them in a unique atmosphere that I carefully designed to be an inspiring hands-on learning fabulous creative space.

Being an entrepreneur and encouraging others is so fulfilling to me.  I’m passionate about business building and motivational speaking.   I’ve always been a spirited lover of life and after surviving Cervical and Skin cancer my life journey became even more precious to me.  My parents raised me to love the skin you’re in and to know that “I can do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthens Me.”

I have poured my heart into creating my Sew Fabulous Studio & Academy as well as developing my Fabulous Skincare, Cosmetic and Products. My Skincare and Cosmetic products are made with organic vegan cold-pressed phenomenal nutrients, ingredients, and benefits that only the Goddess Mother Nature herself can produce and provide.

My Fashion line is designed for Everyone no matter your body shape and size. Fabulous Fashions that can be dressed up or down. All of this is extremely important to me because I believe that everyone deserves to Look and Feel Absolutely Fabulous!

She Believed She Could SEW She Did is my amazing community impact program. My community impact program and Brew House Scholarship program were created by my husband Glenn and myself. They are geared to Build ~ Encourage ~ Motivate ~ Equip and Empower our youth because they are our future, and we are blessed to be a blessing. Everyone has something to give even if it’s just your time or a kind smile with an encouraging word.

Always remember that you are Truly Unique and One of a Kind. God created you special, you are one of his Greatest Masterpieces. You are Absolutely Beautiful both Inside and Out. You’re Absolutely Fabulous and don’t let anyone tell you anything different because you Absolutely Are!

Stay Fabulous ~ JoAnna

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